Words, wands, and explosive pigs: our favorite weapons

When you rush into battle, what weapon do you hold at the ready? Do you have your trusty blade at your side? Do you fling magic spells at your opponent? Or does the enemy never see your weapon? A while ago I asked on Twitter what kind of weapons everyone prefers. I got some…creative responses. Below are some of your …Continue reading →

DestinyQuest Infinite 2.0 is here

Hi all, We’ve been working on DQI 2.0, a collection of new updates for fans. While most of these updates are under the hood, we’ve also added a few design tweaks you might like. tl; dr: All of the DQI 2.0 updates are now live, so your DQI game will have them now! Here are 2:

Act 3 of DestinyQuest Infinite gets a release date!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 3 now has a release date! The third and final Act will be out on Monday, September 14! Prepare to face armies of the dead and shadows of evil in the epic conclusion to DestinyQuest Infinite. Is your hero ready to face the final battle and drive back the darkness …Continue reading →

Closed beta for the final act of DQI starts this Friday!

We’ve got a little surprise for some of our most loyal fans (don’t tell them!): Anyone who bought DestinyQuest Infinite early at one of the top tiers and joined our Inner Circle will have early access to Act 3 starting this Friday, August 14th. And for all the rest of you who’ve already ordered DQI Acts 1, 2, or 3: Thank …Continue reading →

DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 3 update

Hi everyone, Yuliya here. We figured it’s time for an update! We’ve been a bit quiet about the development part of Act 3 because Chris – the programmer and founder – has been working on StoryLab. So here’s where things stand: DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 3 (that’s the final act!) will be released sometime after the end of August. Most likely …Continue reading →