DestinyQuest: Infinite at Playcrafting’s Winter Play Expo!

Hey everyone! Last week we went to the Winter Play Expo, hosted by Playcrafting at Microsoft New York. We had an absolute blast showing off DestinyQuest: Infinite to new fans. Here is how our table looked at the beginning of the evening… …and here is how it looked at the end! Bonus shot: a new hero, battling monsters and getting …Continue reading →

Dusting off the old blog for DestinyQuest Infinite bug fix reports

Hi folks, Chris here — just wanted to report that we’re not asleep! Really! I wasn’t just taking a snooze halfway through blogging, I swear. As we shared with our mailing list not too long ago, DQI just got a few bug fixes. You can read a full list here. There aren’t too many, because of course our software never …Continue reading →

DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 3 is out – get the FULL GAMEBOOK today!

No more waiting! DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 3 is out TODAY! With the final piece in place, you can buy the full gamebook and jump into the action right now. If you already own Acts 1 or 2 (or both) you can grab Act 3 for a fraction of the full price and carry your hero over to the final showdown. What …Continue reading →

Preorder discount! Buy now and save 10%

In celebration of the upcoming launch of Act 3, the final chapter in the DestinyQuest Infinite saga, we’re offering a preorder discount. Until Friday, all sales of the full DestinyQuest Infinite series are 10% off. Remember, Act 3 will be made public on Monday, September 14. All copies of Act 3 purchased now will be unlocked then. In addition, you …Continue reading →

Act 3 has a new demo!

One of the criticisms we’ve gotten from reviewers is that the DestinyQuest Infinite demo isn’t very involved. Since it’s two Act 1 quests, it’s meant to be a friendly introduction to DestinyQuest – you start out with no equipment or special abilities. That makes it easy to figure out, but you don’t get to see what an actual, full-on quest …Continue reading →