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DestinyQuest Infinite in the News


  • DestinyQuest: Infinite is a digital interactive game book — BeefJack
  • The Games Forum Invades Microsoft with 30+ Games for the First Ever NYC Playtest Night — IndieStatik
  • An Inside Look at DestinyQuest Infinite — ZigTalk

widget-orn-1 v2 If you enjoy Choose Your Own Adventure or gamebooks like the
Fighting Fantasy, Fabled Lands or the Lone Wolf series of books, you will
enjoy this book. If you are a fan of MMORPG games, you will enjoy it.

Brian T Ronk, blogger (about print DestinyQuest)

  • April A to Z – Q is for Destiny Quest as an app — Lloyd of Gamebooks
  • Interview: Magic Books and Deciding Your Destiny — Inky Path

widget-orn-1 v2DestinyQuest is a new experience – I can’t imagine what I
would’ve thought if someone had shown me this when I was reading
Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. 

Chris Liu, founder of Adventure Cow

  • Interview with Christopher Liu, founder of Adventure Cow – Examiner
  • Gamebook DestinyQuest Infinite Gets First Trailer – RPG Fan
  • Play a preview of DestinyQuest Infinite – Trollish Delver
  • Librojuegos para probar gratis (Gamebooks to try for free) – Librojuegos

widget-orn-1 v2Do you know what DestinyQuest Infinite is all about?
No? Well, I’m shocked.

Konstantinos, self appointed Gnome

widget-orn-1 v2DestinyQuest Infinite promises a rich, enticing blend of
Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG action and a self-directed,
CYOA-style fantasy narrative

Spanner Spencer, writer at Gamezebo

  • DestinyQuest Infinite Blends Gamebooks and RPG – Gamezebo
  • DestinyQuest Infinite is ‘Bigger than a Banana’, Act 1 Coming Soon – HardcoreGamer
  • DestinyQuest Infinite Review: Storybook Title Blends Diablo Gameplay With A Fun And Engaging Fantasy Tale – Gamenguide

widget-orn-1 v2A new monster every few minutes,
a narrative that’s easy to follow along yet has some genuine
surprises in it, and a simple but effective combat system

Steve Buja, writer at Gamenguide


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