Words, wands, and explosive pigs: our favorite weapons

When you rush into battle, what weapon do you hold at the ready? Do you have your trusty blade at your side? Do you fling magic spells at your opponent? Or does the enemy never see your weapon?

A while ago I asked on Twitter what kind of weapons everyone prefers. I got some…creative responses.

Below are some of your favorite weapons, brought to you by the troubled – I mean imaginative minds of some of our Twitter friends:

What’s your weapon of choice?

@KingKhanach says: I’m an old-fashioned guy: classic, reliable longsword. I’m of the swashbuckling kind: the other hand free for sending kisses to ladies, waving to the crowd, holding ropes, keeping the hat on my head and my moustache pointy. Maybe I should choose a rapier, but I’m too medieval for those.

@JamieTGamebooks says: A Bohemian ear spoon. Or an incendiary pig. Can I have two?

@Editorius says: Remington Model 11-87 semi-automatic shotgun with sound suppressor. Sorry, what was the context?

@TokuDeka says: For me? Axe or hammer. Something brutal and painful. Painful for the enemy I mean.

@Turbobobi says: Short sword – good for fights, also useful as a tool. Pointy enough to stick it to the man/monster 😀

@MirabilisDave says: A sly silver tongue.

Short and to the point

When I put the question out to Twitter, I did mention that I’m a dagger kind of lady, preferring to strike fear and open wounds into my victims’ abdomens by way of their backs. DestinyQuest Infinite has no shortage of sharp pointy objects you can use to dispose of your enemies.

Sometimes it’s not about the weapons itself, but where it came from, like the Crock’s Tooth you wrestled from the mouth of a vicious, enormous swamp beast.

DQI Weapon - Crock's tooth

Or maybe Rennie’s Slicer, the wicked little blade you can, uh, reclaim off the body of your defeated opponent.

DQI Weapon - Rennie's slicer

Then again, I also know how to appreciate a good magic attack. For some meta fighting though, equip your book character with.. a book. May we recommend “Anatomy A to Z” for your reading and fighting pleasure? “From Abdomen to Zygoma, know your victim inside and out.” Because knowledge is power!

If you go down the route of the Mage in DQI, you can also get your hands on Frost Burn, a wand of an icy and dubious nature:

DQI Weapon - Frost Burn

Do you like your weapons sharp and pointy, or do you opt for a little more… class? Tell us on the Twitter, the Facebook, or the Google+!

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