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If you already own Acts 1 or 2 (or both) you can grab Act 3 for a fraction of the full price and carry your hero over to the final showdown.

What are you waiting for? Get questing!

What adventures await you?

DestinyQuest author Michael J. Ward was kind enough to write up background teasers for us for each Act. So if you want to know what you’re getting yourself into…read on!

Act 1
A mysterious curse has befallen the lands of Tithebury, ravaging its crops and spreading mistrust among the superstitious locals. All fingers point to the witch, her meddling magic a likely cause of the strangeness that abounds – whispering mists in the fields, undead stalking the church grounds, screams from the village well… There’s even talk of walking turnips.

Will you free the land from the witch’s magic clutches, or will you uncover a different truth?

Act 2
The legion has returned and time is running out. Your search for a mysterious prophet takes you into the forests and swamps of the Black Marsh, where a dark corruption draws evil from the shadows. Fell demons stalk the caves and tunnels, where fabulous treasures await those brave enough to take them, whilst ancient ruins and forgotten castles hold their own deadly secrets.

Will you find the prophet and discover your true destiny, or will you succumb to the many dangers of this harsh wilderness?

Act 3
The legion grows in strength, turning a once proud city to ruin. With the aid of a small band of resistance fighters, you must battle through the Bone Fields, searching its many tombs and valleys to discover a means to defeat the legion once and for all. Set against you is the might of a powerful necromancer, intent on summoning a vast undead army, powerful enough to destroy the last of the city’s defenders and break the shield that holds the legion in thrall.

Will you rise to the challenge and become a great hero of legend, or will the shadows of your past finally catch up with you?

The world awaits its hero.

Get DestinyQuest Infinite today!

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DestinyQuest Infinite is the first in the QuestForge Games, a new line of gamebooks.

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