Preorder discount! Buy now and save 10%

In celebration of the upcoming launch of Act 3, the final chapter in the DestinyQuest Infinite saga, we’re offering a preorder discount.

Until Friday, all sales of the full DestinyQuest Infinite series are 10% off.

Remember, Act 3 will be made public on Monday, September 14. All copies of Act 3 purchased now will be unlocked then. In addition, you can play through Acts 1 and 2 immediately after your purchase.

This is your best chance to get the full DQI series for just the price of a pizza. And if you don’t get it this week, you can still buy it for the price of a slightly more expensive pizza later.

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P.S. We need your help! If you can do us a huge favor, share this discount on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

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DestinyQuest Infinite is the first in the QuestForge Games, a new line of gamebooks.

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