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What is a Gamebook?

A gamebook is a book where you choose what happens next. Gamebooks usually have branching paths, and they often combine the story with elements from Role Playing Games (RPG).

Forge your own path

GamebooksUnlike a regular book, you do not read a gamebook in order. Instead, you are prompted to make decisions at critical moments, leading you to a different adventure every time you read.

Gamebooks like DestinyQuest Infinite take this interactive novel structure, and add in role playing features and combat. Your main character is given stats – Vitality, Brawn, etc. – and an inventory bag, usually recorded on a character sheet (of course our digital version does all that for you). As you quest through the book, you battle monsters and enemies using your equipment, items, and stats.

You’re in charge of the story.

Choose your battles, choose your quests

DQI PrintDestinyQuest takes classic gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, and Fabled Lands, and adds more – advanced combat, a unique quest structure, and a detailed main story.

Traditional gamebooks often limit their stories to a few sentences, with simple back and forth combat, and trial and error with lots of dying. DestinyQuest is a series of quests – individual stories with detailed plots and characters, with a combat system where you use items and special abilities, much like in an RPG. If you die in DQ, you don’t have to restart the whole game. (Though I suppose you can, if you want).

Going digital

“It’s like getting a second childhood.” – John Rigdon, DQI reader

DQI Print, Fighting Fantasy, and banana for scaleThe gamebook genre was popularized in the 80s, and is making a comeback in a slightly different format: digital. Computers, tablets, and PCs bring all the storytelling and action of a gamebook to you without needing to set out paper, pencil, and dice every time.

Quite a few gamebooks have gone digital, including Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! and the Gamebook Adventures series. DestinyQuest, with its advanced combat and 600 pages of storytelling and gameplay, is an ideal game to move to tablet or PC. Not that we don’t enjoy toting around such a massive tome from time to time!