Full Contest Rules

Full Contest rules:

Please read these before asking questions. We’ve probably answered your question before you had a chance to ask it, because that’s how awesome we are.

1. Items must be in one of the following categories:


  • Cloak
  • Head
  • Gloves
  • Main Hand (right, unless you’re left handed)
  • Chest
  • Secondary Hand
  • Talisman
  • Feet
  • Necklace
  • Rings


  • Potions and scrolls

2. Stat boosts cannot exceed + (or – ) 2. Only 1 or 2 stats may be boosted by one item. The stats are as follows:

  • Speed
  • Brawn
  • Magic
  • Armor
  • HP

3. You may include an ability with the item. If you are chosen as the winner, our developers may have to adjust the item to fit it into the game.

For more information about stats and abilities, visit the Combat page.

4. Item description cannot exceed 3 sentences. That’s 3 regular-length sentences. There’s no specific character limit, but please keep your sentences to a reasonable length!

5. You are welcome to attach an explanatory note to the card, but please remember that anyone playing the game will not get to read it. The card description should stand on its own, and only it will be judged.

6. No art is necessary. (Artists, watch this space for more contests!)

7. Judging will be done based on creativity, adherence to the rules, and yes, humor.

8. Maximum 2 entries per person.

9. Have fun with it!

The winner(s) will be selected by Yuliya and Chris from QuestForge. (In case of a standoff, we reserve the right to call on Yuliya’s 1 year old daughter to act as mediator).

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