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Winning Your First Battle

Icon - Fight!

When you see this icon, prepare yourself for battle!

The Battle Screen

The combat screenCombat revolves around dice rolls, stats, skills, and luck. Each round of battle alternates between 2 phases:

Combat Speed Roll

Phase I: Speed

In this phase, you and your opponent roll for speed. Each fighter’s Speed stat is added to the roll to determine the result. If your roll is higher than your opponent’s, you will attack. If you lose you must defend!

speedYour hero’s speed is vital for victory, as it will determine whether or not you will strike your opponent – or if your opponent will land a hit on you. Many items boost your speed in battle. Look for those on your travels!

Combat Attack Roll

Phase II: Damage

The winner of the Speed Phase has proven quick enough to strike the enemy and inflict damage. The winner now rolls for damage.

Attack power is determined by the dice roll as well as brawn or magic points, whichever is higher. If you are defending, your armor score will protect you against your enemy’s blows. Hit hard or be hard to hit – the choice is yours.

Items and Special Abilities

When the tide turns and you need an extra edge in battle, your hero may employ items and special abilities. Items like potions are single-use, so choose the best moment for them! However, along your journey you will discover special abilities within magical items you come across. Abilities can be used once every fight, and the right combination can make you a formidable foe to any being who dares challenge you.


Depending on which items you have in your pack, you may be able to temporarily increase your stats, weaken your enemy, inflict damage over time, or even avoid your opponent’s blows altogether. And that’s just the beginning. There are many more special abilities scattered in the world. Can you find them all?


Of course, no matter how well-equipped and strategic you are in your fights, always remember to factor in the element of luck. Even the most weathered heroes sometimes find themselves in sticky situations.

Streak of bad luck

So gear up, plan your battles carefully, and above all, hope that Lady Luck smiles on you.

To arms, adventurer!

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