[Micro post] Marketing vs. development: Which comes first for you?

Happy weekend everyone! Today, I’m asking a question to all you gamebook writers/game developers. Which is your top priority: Marketing or development?

Given that I’m starting my day with a blog post, I suppose there’s not too much suspense about what I think. Marketing, for QuestForge the one-person* game studio, is more important than development. The real question, though, is why.

Why marketing? Well, for QuestForge the one-person game studio, marketing is Quadrant 2: the part I won’t do on my own. To explain, let’s borrow from one of my favorite blogs:

The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix

Technically speaking, development is more important than marketing. Without marketing no one will know about your game, but without development no game.

That means, however, that marketing is always important, but never urgent – it’s Quadrant 2. (Read that blog post, it’s a great article about procrastination.) I’m a developer – the development will get done because it has to, there are deadlines – but the marketing might never get done.

Given how far we’ve progressed on DestinyQuest Infinite‘s Act 3 (link coming next Tuesday) without saying anything about it, I’d say that fits uncomfortably well with our experience at QuestForge.

What’s true for QuestForge the one-person game studio might not be true for you though. If you’re a born marketer, you might put off actually shipping your product and spend days talking about it. (Actually, we’re going to write another blog post on that soon. Stay tuned!)

So, game developers, regular developers, etc.’s, what needs to come first for you? Marketing? Development?

(Convenient link to Twitter if you want to discuss)

*one point eight, ish

DestinyQuest Infinite is the first in the QuestForge Games, a new line of gamebooks.

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