“DestinyQuest is like the Diablo of gamebooks.”

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DestinyQuest Infinite

(Out now!)

  • Watch the DestinyQuest Infinite trailer!
  • DestinyQuest Infinite features hundreds of items, each with their own abilities and lore.
  • Play up to five save games at a time.
  • Clash weapons with epic monsters and enemies.
  • Choose your quest from the built in map.
  • Enter into deadly boss battles!
  • Enjoy brand new artworks.
  • Over 600 pages of adventure and turnips await.

You have no memory of your past.

Armed with nothing but your sword and a backpack, you enter a land of monsters, powerful forces, and shadowy secrets. Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other – an interactive fantasy gamebook that mixes the divergent storytelling of Choose Your Own Adventures with the action of Dungeons and Dragons style RPGs.

Venture into the land of DestinyQuest Infinite, a game that’s also a book. Explore over 600 pages of fantasy story, with hundreds of weapons, armor, and items to equip against the battles and challenges before you. You choose where the story goes next.

Uncover your past, discover your destiny.

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DestinyQuest Infinite is an interactive gamebook based on Michael Ward’s DestinyQuest, featuring the full text and rules with new art and new writing by the author.

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