Dusting off the old blog for DestinyQuest Infinite bug fix reports

Hi folks,

Chris here — just wanted to report that we’re not asleep! Really! I wasn’t just taking a snooze halfway through blogging, I swear.

As we shared with our mailing list not too long ago, DQI just got a few bug fixes. You can read a full list here. There aren’t too many, because of course our software never has bugs.

The other thing we announced is something new — DQI posters. DQI posters were available for those who ordered them in our Inner Circle campaign (thanks, you know who you are), and we’re working on them now. We may have extras. If we have extra posters, they will only be offered to those who are on our mailing list.

(Why aren’t you subscribed? Spam, right? Well, I wouldn’t worry about that; it was six months between our last two messages. Six months I definitely didn’t spend sleeping.)

We’re also working on a new game, but I can’t talk about that here

Until next time!

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DestinyQuest Infinite is the first in the QuestForge Games, a new line of gamebooks.

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